Workshop Stefan Doblhofer: Alexa, what should we do today?

16 November 2019, 4.00 to 6.00 pm, Floor 2 – Lovelace

Stefan Doblhofer is founder of the International Leadership company. He is also a restless creator of simulations and management games, a university fellow (Warwick/UK and Graz/Austria) and frequent writer on management and leadership topics. He works all over Europe, in the US and in East Asia, and sometimes also in Latin America and Africa. See the website

As a management consultant he tries to link observations in international and local organizations of a variety of industries to the discourse of organizational development as well as current technological progress. In the workshop findings on the impact of recent AI solutions, Collaboration Tools, and the Agile Discourse on reorganizing management and leadership will be presented and discussed. Everyday scenes in organizations of 2025-2030 where digital management structures have taken hold will be explored together with attendees, questioning their coherence of vision, and revealing provoked emotional reactions. For the attendees, the workshop can be a call to proactively shape organizational change utilizing the democratizing force of today’s emerging collaboration technology

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