Research Stream: Experienced perspectives on AI, student team Avans University

In the Research Stream findings and experiences in Artificial Intelligence, Arts, and beyond are shared and discussed. Six students from Avans University of Applied Sciences, Academy of management, in the Netherlands, will critically analyze artificial intelligence (AI) as presented during the conference from a human relations perspective.

They will invite you to have a chat with them. They are keen to know your thoughts and experiences regarding AI, both positive and negative. Substantiated by attributes of the past, present and future, the students can not wait to have a conversation with you about the current developments in AI. At the end of the conference they will share their findings in a creative way. They look forward to meet you at the conference.

Floor Jansens, student HRM

Amjad Ibn Ahmed, student HRM

Britt van Ooijen, student Business Administration and recruiter at Young Capital

Sanne Vellekoop, student Finance & Control and happiness management

Tessa Hornikx, student Business Administration

Vivian Verbugt, student Business Administration and happiness management

Linda Reijs, coach and teaching professional

Vincent Verwaal, coach and teacher HRM

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