Peggy Holman: Journalism that matters in a world gone mad, talk

Peggy Holman is the award-winning author of Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity, which offers stories, principles, and practices for tackling complex challenges. In The Change Handbook, she & her co-authors profile 61 methodologies that engage people in creating their desired future. As Executive Director of Journalism That Matters, a nonprofit she co-founded with three journalists, she has contributed to a movement towards inclusive, engaged journalism of, by, and for the people,

Jounalism that matters in a world gone mad

The stories that we tell ourselves shape the way we see the world. And that shapes our behavior. As cultural storytellers, journalists influence the narratives we share. In 1999, a racially motivated shooting sparked my seventeen-year journey working with journalists to reinvent their work so that people, communities, and democracy thrive. See video of her talk:


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