Moratis, Lars

Lars Moratis, Ph.D. (born 1977, Rotterdam) is an expert in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. He lives in the Netherlands and has his primary academic affiliations with the Open University The Netherlands and Antwerp Management School in Belgium. He is also affiliated with the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He studied business administration and obtained his Ph.D. for a dissertation on critical reflections on business case approaches towards CSR, the credibility of corporate CSR claims, and the legitimacy of multistakeholder initiatives. Lars has written several books, many articles (both academically and practitioner-oriented) and likes to op-ed in newspapers. He has worked in practice as a CSR and sustainability consultant for business, government and NGOs, was the head of the academy of the primary CSR network organization in the Netherlands and is a founder of ImpactAcademy. Contact:

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