Monika Lindner: Language as a web, talk

Monika Lindner, Dipl.-Päd. Univ., is an Experiential Concept Coach (ECC) and therefore well-trained in “Thinking At the Edge” (TAE). She is using TAE-Steps for teaching a foreign language so students create experience based meanings. As part of her research as Ph.D. student in educational science, she investigates among others the question of how implicit details influence interactions in cooperative settings.


Language as a web

In the midst of our globally and environmentally interconnected lives, bearing with openness and unclarity is a virtue. From this perspective, “not knowing what to do” is a promising starting point! Attitudes that do not jump to easy conclusions or simplified assumptions need supportive practices in developing what is at stake: more than facts, information and data can easily convey. Perspectives on the intricacy of experiential backgrounds and on possibilities to creatively unfold “what matters” in complex settings, questions and constellations.

Monika’s students are currently young people who fled and are living in uncertain situations as they often don’t know if they’ll get a residence permit. So her perspective is on how to refer to implicit knowledge for moving between different languages and cultural concepts in moments of not knowing what to do or to say.

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