Maria Spindler: SoS Anarchy, Inner and outer Spacing for the New to Emerge, talk

Dr. Maria Spindler Organisational Consultant, Leadership Developer, Coach, Author, Speaker, Social Scientist. She has qualified to teach trainers for the ÖGGO (Austrian Association for Group Dynamics & Organisation Consulting). Maria founded “Challenging Organisation and Society” it´s COS-Journal in 2011 and has been its chief editor since then. She co-founded the COS Collective EWIV in 2016 and is currently its CEO.

SoS Anarchy: Inner and outer Spacing for the New to Emerge

Uncertainty, complexity follows a loss of old system orientation. Moving from a current state to a novel social experience is substantially grounded in the perpetual capability of individuals to generate inner space for introspection beyond cogitation. The anarchy space is the framework. Leadership in this respect means providing a garden we want to prepare, grow and harvest. The bewildered creation of inner and co-creation of outer spaces is substantial and requires embracing the walk on the wild side. It is a multi-modal procedure involving cognitive and somatic-related elements.

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