Learning Hubs by JKU students

16 November 2019, 4.00 tot 6.00 pm, Floor 2 – 3D Printing

Learning Hubs are designed by JKU students to share interactively learning experiences in digital production. So far, the following Learning Hubs are planned:

Learning Hub 1: 3D Scan and Printing for Newbies

3D Printing opens up many possibilities in all areas of life. With 3D scanning, you do not need to design from scratch. This guide helps you  in getting familiar with the basic technologies and materials. It includes a guide to free software for scanning and redesigning your object of choice.



Learning Hub 2: Things for Better Living, including

The versatile usage of 3D printing enables everyone to design and create things for better living – printing your own smartphone case up to your own designed spectacle holder. Depending on the application area, materials may differ. Explore the possibilities with different materials and ideas to create an object of your choice, making your life easier.





Learning Hub 3: Intelligent Gardening, including Sensing and 3D printing for Watering Installations

If you are lucky, you have a green thumb for your plants and they will live forever. If not, these two applications will make your life easier and help your plants growing. Explore the possibilities of intelligent gardening and get inspired to grow your own little jungle.

Sensing and 3D Printing for Watering Installations


Learning Hub 4: Interactive Exploration Corner, including: Telescope, Speedboat, Sensing Mailbox







Looking up to the sky into the stars, driving your little speedboat at the lake, or getting notified when mail arrives in your mailbox. Combine different materials and sensors to create installations or implement projects of your convenience to enjoy living.












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