Krainer, Larissa

Larissa Krainer (born 1967) studied Philosophy and Media and Communication Science in Klagenfurt, where she graduated in 1994 (M.A.) with a dissertation on magazines for women in Austria. From 1986-1995 she worked as a journalist for different local and national media, 1995-1997 she was regional manager of Amnesty International. Since 1998 she works at the University of Klagenfurt (first Head of Department of Intervention Research and Cultural Sustainability, from 07/2009-02/2011 Department of Media and Communication Sciences, IKN, since 2011 IKN again) where she qualcos ified 2001 for lecturing in Media Ethics. She published contributions to Process Ethics, Transdisciplinary and Intervention Research, Sustainable Sciences, Conflict Management and Organizational Communication. She has gathered years of experience by being in charge of research-projects.

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