Keynote Maria Spindler and Christian Stary: Embracing Artificial & Human Intelligences


An epistemologist and consultant had an analytic discourse with an engineer on how to manifest utopia in terms of new qualities, when (inter)facing AI with human capabilities. Is the future populated by robots helping us, or driven by co-creating and co-leading, when we emerge towards a new (trans)humanspecies. A blueprint of this species, Co-Vival, is ready to  enhance our intelligences for a shared utopia.

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Maria Spindler has been an international organizational consultant for more than twenty years in economics (banking and production) and at NGOs (universities and foundations) and lectures at universities in Europe and the US. Her topics are creating future, inventing and transforming organizations, structures and leadership cultures. Maria is qualified to train the trainer for the Austrian Association for Group Dynamics & Organization Consulting and serves on their education board. Her books deal with transformation, creating future for leadership and organizations, group dynamics, organizational consulting and research. She co-founded the COS Collective EWIV in 2016 and is currently its CEO.

Christian Stary is professor for Business Information Systems at the University of Linz, Austria. His research areas include Interactive Design of Sociotechnical Systems, Business Process Management, Conceptual Modelling and Knowledge Management. He is responsible for several European research projects, such as TwinTide, dealing with method transfer in UI design and evaluation. He is member of the editorial board of international cross- and interdisciplinary journals, among them UAIS published by Springer. He is one of the founders and chair of the Competence Center on Knowledge Management, the ICKM (Int. Council on Knowledge Management), and organizer of several academic events on interactive systems, business process and knowledge management. He is also a co-founder of COS Collective EWIV.

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