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On this page we provide information and manuals for authors.
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About COS Journal

Journal “Challenging Organisations and Society . reflective hybrids® (COS)”
ISSN 2225-1774

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Style Guide for Authors

This guide is intended to cover the major questions about preparing articles for the journal
Challenging Organisations and Society . reflective hybrids®. We ask you to follow those guidelines.

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A short introduction on how to add comments in a pdf.

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Review process

COS Journal is peer reviewed. Authors and reviewers receive a briefing for a specific Issue, with a clear timeline.
Authors recieve anonymous reviews on their drafts.

Reviewers fill in the COS Reviewer form and send it to the editors.

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Briefing Examples for Authors and Reviewers

Briefing authors Vol.6 Issue 2

Publication and copyrights

Manuscript Submission: Manuscripts original in style and content (not under review, accepted or published elsewhere) are welcome.

Terms of Publication: Before publication authors are requested to assign copyright to COS. At least one year after initial publication in “Challenging Organisations and Society . reflective hybrids®” the authors can retain their right to reuse the paper in other publications. Authors are responsible for obtaining permissions fromcopyright holders for reproducing any illustrations, figures, tables, etc. previously published elsewhere. Each author will receive an emailed proof of his article and a copy of the journal.

Disclaimer: The authors, editors, and publisher will not take any legal responsibility for errors or omissions that may be made in this issue. The publisher makes no warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the material contained herein.


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