Gester, Peter

Peter-W. Gester holds a degree in psychology (Diplom-Psychologe) and is a psychological psychotherapist for adults, children, and adolescents. He also holds a doctoral degree in Health Science and is Professor of Human Resources and Coaching at the Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management in the Indian state of Sikkim, carrying out lecture activities on an international level. He is a teaching therapist, and a teaching supervisor for systemic therapy, hypnotic psychotherapy and behavioural therapy at the Baden Chamber of Psychotherapists, as well as a teaching therapist and teaching coach of various German professional associations, including the German Society for Systematic and Family Therapy (DGSF), the Systemic Society (SG), and the German Coaching Association (DBVC). He has 35 years of professional experience as a freelance psychotherapist, coach, and organisation consultant. He is the author of the handbook of best practices on biographical analysis and shaping the future, as well as the developer of the biographical counseling theory on the precision of being approximate. He is head of the Missing Link Institute close to Saint Dié in the East of France.

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