Expert talk Hannah Fehringer: Tangible Internet of Things

For IoT development, novel components have been introduced that could be of benefit for teaching and engaging skill exploration. The presented tangible learning appliance enables grasping the complexity and challenges of IoT application development. It serves 2 purposes:

  1. (Re)presenting existing research in IoT application development, e.g., for healthcare or digital production, as each component of an IoT ecosystems is tangible and can be connected in hands-on-experience.
  2. Stepwise learning support for developing intelligent sensor-based systems according to the IoT stack.

It is intended to help learners set up the environment for development of IoT applications. The latter will help to understand how to develop M5Stack boards, firmware (Arduino IDE), Blockly or source files (Micropython) download to M5Stack boards.

The visual aids/objects used for better illustrate topics in IoT development is the M5 Stack component. It can be connected in many different ways to its environment or further Stack elements.

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