Eva Wieprecht: Moving the Art of Generative Coaching, workshop

Eva works globally with a special expertise in bodyfocused approaches as a Satir Model Trainer, facilitator of somatic movement integrations (SMI), hypnosystemic trainer and coach as well as Generative Trance and Selfrelations Coach. She provides her work in German as well as in English. She is the Director of the Int. Virginia Satir Institute of Germany, Cologne and Part of The Trainer Team of the Generative Coaching Cert. Program (IACG) developed by Robert Dilts and Dr. Stephen Gilligan

Moving the Art of Generative Coaching– a pathway to move through the river of life with its risks and possibilities fluid and skillful-

In times of uncertainty and change we are called for systemic identity changes and to create something completely new. Solutions on a systemic level that have not existed before. In this workshop we will introduce a 6 step pathway to lead a way to make that happen.

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