Donata Schoeller: Language as a web, talk

PD. Dr. Donata Schoeller, is faculty member at the University of Koblenz and Visiting Professor at the DePaul University Chicago. She has published several books on the implicit dimensions of experience and meaning.  Presently she is involved in an international research  project on embodied critical thinking. She is a Focusing and TAE (Thinking-at-the-Edge) teacher

Language as a web

In the midst of our globally and environmentally interconnected lives, bearing with openness and unclarity is a virtue. From this perspective, “not knowing what to do” is a promising starting point! Attitudes that do not jump to easy conclusions or simplified assumptions need supportive practices in developing what is at stake: more than facts, information and data can easily convey. Perspectives on the intricacy of experiential backgrounds and on possibilities to creatively unfold “what matters” in complex settings, questions and constellations.


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