Zvacek, Liselotte

Liselotte Zvacek is a management consultant for organisational change, corporate vision and strategy, post-merger integration, organisational culture, team development and innovative learning designs and management trainer for leadership skills, role management, teamwork, conflict and change management. She lectures at Vienna University of Economics and Business, University of Graz, Graz University of Technology and Danube University

Schueller, Andrea

Andrea Schueller, PhD, is an international consultant and executive coach specializing in organizational change, core transformation, systemic identity, innovation and creative emergence, and conscious(ness) evolution in focus. Andrea works with business firms, NGOs, GOs and trans-organizational networks, bridging individual and collective development through innovative methods and learning designs. She teaches at various universities and is a

van der Zouwen, Tonnie

Tonnie van der Zouwen is a professor for Sustainable Working and Organising at Avans University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and also works as an independent organisational consultant. Her work focuses on developing change capacities in organisations and networks. Her PhD research resulted in a framework for effective use of Large Scale Interventions, an approach used

Stary, Christian

Christian Stary is professor for Business Information Systems at the University of Linz, Austria. His research areas include Interactive Design of Sociotechnical Systems, Business Process Management, Conceptual Modelling and Knowledge Management. He has published research papers and articles on these topics, among others in IEEE Transactions on Man, Systems and Cybernetics, Interacting with Computers, Int. Journal

Spindler, Maria

Maria Spindler has been an international organizational consultant for more than twenty years in economics (banking and production) and at NGOs (universities and foundations) and lectures at universities in Europe and the US. Her topics are creating future, inventing and transforming organizations, structures and leadership cultures. Maria is qualified to train the trainer for the