COS Newsletter December 2018


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COS Collective Newsletter December 2018

To our COS-Friends and Colleagues,

New things have been realized and designed. And some are changed. Read all about it in this Newsletter.

COS Conference 2019: A R T ificial Intelligence
Safe the date 15 – 17 November for Linz, Austria

The theme of COS Conference 2019 is The Art of Intelligence – Backbone of Digitization. We are designing a learning journey to get closer to digital realities, mixing art and intelligence. Together with the Business Informatics department of the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz and the innovation atelier Grand Garage. Safe the date and read more.

Grand Garage LinzContribute to COS Conference 2019 

We invite you as mindful thinker, artist or doer to join the effort by contributing to the event. Provide essential questions you are willing to argue for, or input statements to selected topics, such as organization learning based on digital intelligence. Kindly upload them to the conference management system available via

Selected scientific contributions will be invited to submit their work to The Journal of Interaction Science (

COS Conference 2017 Experience report

With pride we present the Experience report of COS Conference 2017. Over 130 pages with a wealth of impressions, experiences, detailed descriptions of the design and work forms, results and reflections. Show your friends and colleagues what made the magic and what we learned about what to do when you don’t know what to do. Download free e-book or order a hard copy 

COS Journal 2018 Volume 7, Issue 1 
Wise Action and Uncertainty. Editors: Andrea Schueller and Nancy Wallis

Andrea Schueller and Nancy Wallis 
Editorial Wise Action and Uncertainty

Tova Averbuch and Tonnie van der Zouwen
Behind the Scenes of a five day Conference. How to create a Magical Field for Exploring Difficult Questions

Dana Liberman and Yves Susskind
The Emergent Principles of Women Wage Peace: Evaluative Thinking beyond Boundaries and Comfort Zones

Lucy W. Mukuria and Nancy C. Wallis
Veterans, Internal Alignment and Thriving

Antonie Van Nistelrooij
Coping with Uncertainty during Change

Suzy Adra
We Can be Heroes in an Uncertain World

COS Journal recent Issues

October 2017, Volume 6, Issue 1:
Flow beyond Systems: Development through Somatic Intelligence. Editors: Tonnie vander Zouwen and Maria Spindler.

May 2017, Volume 6, Issue 1:
Inner Outer Spaces. Editors: Maria Spindler and Christian Stary

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