2015 Volume 4, Issue 1

Positive Deviance Dynamics in Social Systems


Editorial Maria Spindler and Gary Wagenheim
Positive Deviance: Sparks that ignite systems change 

Anne Litwin
Creating Inclusive Organizations
The OD Consultant as Guerilla Change Agent 

Andrea Schueller
Whole and New
From Creative Impulses to New Structures 

Franz Röösli, Michael Sonntag and Doug Kirkpatrick
Management Plasticity
Neuronal Networking as the Organizing Principle for Enterprise Architecture to Unfold Human Potential and Creativity 

Keith W. Ray and Joan Goppelt
Emergent Deviance
Development of an Informal Coalition 

Alice MacGillivray
Consulting on the Edge
Use of Strategies Rooted in Nature 

Maria Spindler and Ganesh Anantharaman
Space-Providers and Space-Invaders
Deviant Co-Leadership in Group Dynamics Training for Our Emerging Future 


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Positive Deviance Dynamics in Social Systems

2015 Volume 4, Issue 1
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