2014 Volume 3, Issue 1

Different Cultures, Different Rhythms


Editorial – Karin Lackner
Different Cultures, Different Rhythms 

Karin Lackner
Cross Culture Pace
The Interplay of Cultural Dimensions in Global Organizations 

Ewald E. Krainz / Tina Rabl
Here and Beyond
Management as a “Borderline Syndrome” 

Ulrich Krainz
The Sacred and the Secular
Notes on a Neglected Dimension of a Cultural Difference 

Eva-Maria Lackner
Hospitality and the Perils of Culture

Hüseyrin Özdemir / Mannie Sher
Group Relations Work in China
Challenges, Risks and Impact for Organizational Development 

Christian Heinrich
Telephone-Based Management Coaching
Advantages and Limitations 


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Different Cultures, Different Rhythms

2014 Volume 3, Issue 1
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