2013 Volume 2, Issue 1

Reflective Hybrids in Management and Consulting


Editorial – Maria Spindler / Gary Wagenheim
Editors’ Comments: How a Reflective Hybrid Approach Can Change how We Think about and Take Action in Our Work 

Tom Brown / Gary Wagenheim / Alexander W. Crispo
Creating Learning and Change through Reflective Conversations 

Jacqueline McAdam
A Case Study of Social Entrepreneurism: A Model of Practice – Hakuna Matata Imports and Accessories 

Silvia Ettl-Huber / Michael Roither
Reflective Hybrids in University Continuing Education 

Maria Spindler
Hybrid and Reflective into an Uncertain Future Considerations for dynamic stability of organisations as a challenge for leadership 

Helen Turnbull / Ralph de Chabert
Forward, Reverse or Neutral: Which Gear Are We Operating in With Our 21st Century Approach to Global Diversity and Inclusion? 

Ruth Lerchster / Larissa Krainer
Out of the Ivory Tower, and into Reality 

Peter Gester
Film Review: The Axe (2005), Directed by Costas-Gavras 


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Reflective Hybrids in Management and Consulting

2013 Volume 2, Issue 1
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