2012 Volume 1, Issue 1

Mental Leaps into Challenging Organisations and Society


Editorial / Maria Spindler
This Is the Birth of the Journal Challenging Organisations and Society 

Barbara Lesjak
Changing Society – But How? A Contribution to a Dynamic Definition of Intervention 

Maria Spindler
How to Awaken the Potential of Organizations to Act as Societal Transformers 

Chris Stary
The Me and Knowledge Communities: Role Management by Design and Reflection 

Gary Wagenheim
Facilitating Managers’ Reflection for Individual and Organizational Learning 

Marlies Lenglachner
Transformational Systemic Leadership – Change for More® 

Nancy Wallis
Leadership Development and Individualized Leadership: Understanding Leader Action Logics in Dyadic Relationships 

Tonnie van der Zouwen
Detecting and Approaching Obstacles for Collective Learning 

Karin Lackner
Challenging the Academic World – Social Sustainability in Higher Education and Research 

Ilse Schrittesser
On the Future of University Research and Teaching against the Background of the Current Developments in Europe 

Global Translation, Collaboration and Transformation
Dialog with Ann Feyerherm and Maria Spindler 


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Mental Leaps into Challenging Organisations and Society

2012 Volume 1, Issue 1
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