COS Journal

Challenging Organisations and Society. reflective hybrids®

Challenging Organisations and Society. reflective hybrids® (COS) is the first journal to be dedicated to the rapidly growing requirements of reflective hybrids in our complex organizations and society of the 21st century.

Its international and multidisciplinary approaches balance theory and practice and show a wide range of perspectives organized in and between organizations and society. Being global, diverse in thinking and acting outside the box are the targets for its authors and readers in management, consulting and science.

All Volumes 2012 – 2019

2020 Volume 9, Issue 1

Beware of Art: ARTificial Intelligence Challenging Organizations and Society

2019 Volume 8, Issue 1

Grasping the Multiple Facets of Intelligence

2018 Volume 7, Issue 1

Wise Action and Uncertainty

2017 Volume 6, Issue 2

Flow beyond Systems: Development through Somatic Intelligence

2017 Volume 6, Issue 1

Inner Outer Spaces

2016 Volume 5, Issue 2

Leadership That Counts

2016 Volume 5, Issue 1

Change in Flow: How Critical Incidents Transform Organisations

2015 Volume 4, Issue 2

Elaborating the Theory – Practice Space: Professional Competence in Science, Therapy, Consulting and Education

2015 Volume 4, Issue 1

Positive Deviance Dynamics in Social Systems

2014 Volume 3, Issue 2

On the Move: Patterns, Power, Politics

2014 Volume 3, Issue 1

Different Cultures, Different Rhythms

2013 Volume 2, Issue 2

Involving Stakeholders to Develop Change Capacity for More Effective Collaboration and Continuous Change

2013 Volume 2, Issue 1

Reflective Hybrids in Management and Consulting

2012 Volume 1, Issue 1

Mental Leaps into Challenging Organisations and Society

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