COS Conference 2019

A R T ificial Intelligence:
The Art of Intelligence – Backbone  of Digitization? 

November 15 – 17, 2019 in Linz, Austria

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About the conference

While recognizing digital transformation processes based on Artificial Intelligence reveal fundamental essentials about the structure of our world and the way we design our living as well as digital artefacts.  Why not fuse digital and human-driven approaches to realize their collective creation capabilities? At the conference we are interested how ART raises awareness for this fusion and how we will find a dialogue along crossroads of disciplines. The envisioned learning journey will intensify reflective practice to become well versed in co-creating digital realities, taking into account structural and system(ic) particularities.

A learning journey with about 80 participants, getting closer to digital realities and how to handle them, at GRAND GARAGE®

Invitation to contribute

We invite you as mindful thinker, artist or doer to join the effort by contributing to the event. Read more

Selected scientific contributions will be invited to submit their work to The Journal of Interaction Science (


Teasers to start

Fishing on Friday

  • Which competencies could lead us?
  • Backbones in transient settings
  • Do we need organisation(s) or what kind of do we need?
  • Self-organizing emergence
  • Who shapes whom? Crossing-over of intelligences

Diving on Saturday

  • Production as a Service
  • Arts or Crafting?
  • Robots and workforce as singular entity / cocreation?
  • Humanizing robots / digital humans?
  • Encoded agility as major impact?

Coming Up on Sunday

  • The Me and digital identities
  • Profiling future work and business
  • Commoning in an increasingly diversified world
  • Consultancy as engineering task or co-creating art?