Yve Susskind

Yve Susskind PhD will work with the hosting and design team to build evaluative thinking and data collection,  meaning making, and learning into the conference more generally. Yve is owner/principal of an independent research and evaluation consulting company, Praxis Associates LLC. She is a consultant specializing in collaborative planning and evaluation for social innovation.

Tonnie van der Zouwen

Tonnie van der Zouwen PhD MCM is a professor for Sustainable Working and Organising at Avans University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and also works as an independent organisational consultant. She is a specialist in whole system work and action research for sustainable development. Tonnie holds degrees in Environmental Biology, Change Management  and Organisation

Tova Averbuch

Tova Averbuch is a 40 years senior Organization Development (OD) consultant, a designer of break-through processes, facilitator, teacher and writer. Brought Open Space Technology (OST) to Israel in 1999. She pioneers in applying dialogic mind-set and methodologies in and cross boundaries in business, community and socio-political life in Israel and internationally. Contributed a chapter to