Expert talk Hannah Fehringer: Tangible Internet of Things

For IoT development, novel components have been introduced that could be of benefit for teaching and engaging skill exploration. The presented tangible learning appliance enables grasping the complexity and challenges of IoT application development. It serves 2 purposes: (Re)presenting existing research in IoT application development, e.g., for healthcare or digital production, as each component of

Expert talk Josef Frysak: SICHTEN 4.0

Industry 4.0, the digitized, networked production, promises high cost reductions and productivity increases for the manufacturing industry. However, the successful implementation of this digitization poses great challenges for many companies. Above all, the lack of interdisciplinary trained technical experts for engineering these highly complex Industry 4.0 applications is often described as one of the biggest

Research Stream: Experienced perspectives on AI, student team Avans University

In the Research Stream findings and experiences in Artificial Intelligence, Arts, and beyond are shared and discussed. Six students from Avans University of Applied Sciences, Academy of management, in the Netherlands, will critically analyze artificial intelligence (AI) as presented during the conference from a human relations perspective. They will invite you to have a chat

Expert talk Harshitha Venkatakumar: IndustryNOW

As a part of an interdisciplinary research project funded by the state research program “IndustryNOW”, focuses on exploring Industry 4.0 potentials at the University’s existing laboratories in the direction of Networking and Digitization. This project has given a different flavor for the engineering students as they are directly involved in experiencing a new field with

Art Stream Paola Michela Mineo: Portraits of human lives

Paola Michela Mineo is a visual artist who lives and works between Pietrasanta (Lucca) and Milan. Graduated in Architecture between the Polytechnic of Milan and that of Athens during the years of study she began to elaborate “a new sculptural language, fragmentary but alive, dynamic and empathetic” (G. L.). She has moved the mean of human

Expert talk Georg Weichhart: Production of the future

The production of the future is flexible and individual. Within the frame of Industry 4.0, technologies are being developed that support this vision. Thereby, multi-agent-systems are technologies that play a central role. At the conference, by means of a mobile data center, the various agents and their interactions are made transparent. In the presented system,

Expert talk Andreas Haider: Bio-based Composite & Processes

The world is changing in many regards. One is the demand of sustainable, biobased materials and products. This includes besides others the use of sustainable raw materials, production with efficient use of resources (material, energy, so) as well as end of life scenarios. This all means generally circular economy with subtopics like re-use, upcycling/downcycling, LCA

Expert talk Richard Heininger and Claudia Kaar: Making meets Education

Many students are not happy when sitting in a classroom just listening to teachers. Students are eager to experience what they learn. They want to touch, feel, and experiment. When we as educators want to motivate students for insightful capacity building, we should think about having fun generating knowledge. In our classes, students are allowed to

Workshop Sepp Hochreiter: Deep Learning and Art

16 November 2019, 10.45 – 11.30 am, Floor 2 – Hopper Forum Deep Learning has emerged as one of the most successful fields of artificial intelligence with overwhelming success in industrial speech, language and vision benchmarks. Consequently it evolved into the central field of research for IT giants like Google, facebook, Microsoft, Baidu, and Amazon.

Keynote Maria Spindler and Christian Stary: Embracing Artificial & Human Intelligences

Abstract An epistemologist and consultant had an analytic discourse with an engineer on how to manifest utopia in terms of new qualities, when (inter)facing AI with human capabilities. Is the future populated by robots helping us, or driven by co-creating and co-leading, when we emerge towards a new (trans)humanspecies. A blueprint of this species, Co-Vival,

Art Stream Suzy Adra: Robots and Imagination

Suzy Adra will demonstrate an organic live painting daily, that comes through her psyche, without previous preparation, something that AI cannot do- as AI does not have a psyche, even when programmed. Participants are welcome to join in and work on their own piece or just observe the process. Suzy is an artist, certified yoga

Art Stream Shima Maya Beigi: Exploring the psycho-techno-eco-mystical interface of human-machine with Mindfulness Engineering

Shima Maya Beigi is a researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. The founder of Mindfulness Engineering™ is dedicated and passionate about linking subtle fields of information, emotional, technical field of Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology. She believes, that technology connects. But, it is this human spirit that transforms our technological platforms into an inclusive space

Learning Hubs by JKU students

16 November 2019, 4.00 tot 6.00 pm, Floor 2 – 3D Printing Learning Hubs are designed by JKU students to share interactively learning experiences in digital production. So far, the following Learning Hubs are planned: Learning Hub 1: 3D Scan and Printing for Newbies 3D Printing opens up many possibilities in all areas of life.

Keynote Claudia Schnugg: Art, Science and Technology, Creating Future Realities

Abstract Interdisciplinary research and collaboration are essential for answering important challenges of our time. Bringing art into the mix adds qualities, scientific and social research only barely cover. For example, artistic practices and knowledge can bring new sensory, experiential and contextual elements, change perspectives, or imagine new future scenarios. Scientific groups and corporate organizations are

Keynote Johannes Braumann: Creative Robotics – Merging Robotics, AI and Craft Knowledge

Abstract We consider robots as an interface between the digital and the physical world – they enable code and software to suddenly influence our “analogue” environment. Industrial robots were present almost exclusively in industrial mass production for a long time. Today, there are easy-to-use software tools that open up the methods of robotics for small

Workshop Michael Schrefl: Beyond Business Analytics

16 November 2019, 10.00 – 10.45 am, Floor 2 – Hopper Forum Business Analytics goes beyond mere reporting and data analysis. Data drive decisions. Interactive analysis tools and AI techniques are used to gain insight from past business performance and to apply insights when continuously monitoring business operations to pro-actively drive decisions on the management

Workshop Stefan Doblhofer: Alexa, what should we do today?

16 November 2019, 4.00 to 6.00 pm, Floor 2 – Lovelace Stefan Doblhofer is founder of the International Leadership company. He is also a restless creator of simulations and management games, a university fellow (Warwick/UK and Graz/Austria) and frequent writer on management and leadership topics. He works all over Europe, in the US and in East

Workshop Tonnie van der Zouwen: HeArtIficial Intelligence, exploring the future of AI

16 November 2019, 10.00 am to 12.30 pm, including coffee break, Floor 2 – Lovelace From the central theme Artificial intelligence and digitization we want to add the ‘heart’. We place the focus on what makes us human and how we want to connect to the world (animals, plants, things, earth). In a collective storytelling and collective