Keynote Claudia Schnugg: Art, Science and Technology, Creating Future Realities


Interdisciplinary research and collaboration are essential for answering important challenges of our time. Bringing art into the mix adds qualities, scientific and social research only barely cover. For example, artistic practices and knowledge can bring new sensory, experiential and contextual elements, change perspectives, or imagine new future scenarios. Scientific groups and corporate organizations are eager to invite artists into projects and processes, and the values added go beyond inducing creative processes or specific innovative outcomes. Examples show the variety of outcomes, possible contributions, and formats under which the interplay of art, science and technology can take place.

Claudia Schnugg is consultant, curator, and independent researcher of artscience collaboration. Most recently, she was Creative Director of Science Gallery Venice, previously she worked as Assistant Professor at Johannes Kepler University, and was Visiting Researcher at Copenhagen Business School, the Art|Sci Center at UCLA, and ESO, Chile, and headed the Ars Electronica Residency Network. Her academic work focuses on analyzing the effects of art and artistic initiatives in organizational and social settings, including change processes and new technologies. Recent publications include her book: Creating ArtScience Collaboration – Bringing Value to Organizations (2019, Palgrave Macmillan).

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